What’s Inside Your StrengthCrate?

We can’t tell you exactly what’s in your crate but here are the things to expect:
1.Equipment – Ab-mat, sandbag, speed ladder, foam roller etc.
2.Apparel – Covered from head to toe – beanies, shirts, shorts, socks etc.
3.Supplements – We aren’t going to send you something you could easily get for free, you are going to get 5-30 servings of each supplement we send so that you can really test it out and see the results. Some months will be a full size item!
4.Training Aids – Sometimes the little things can make a big difference so we make sure you have your workout essentials including kinesiology tape, chalk, skin repair, wraps and the list goes on.
5.Lifestyle Products – Products that support and enhance your fitness lifestyle!

Each month your Crate will include an assortment of these type of products , not every month will include every type of product (quantity will vary depending on the product and month).


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